Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bought a new TV

I've been pretty busy lately so not much time between work and other things to post on here the past couple days.  Back in 2005 I bought a Samsung DLP TV from Nebraska Furniture Mart through a friend that worked there and actually got a pretty good deal on it.  Did the smart thing and bought a 3 year warranty just to make sure it would last me a few.  Fast Forward to 3 years and 2 months after purchase guess what happens!  The TV starts to die! 

Power the set on and sit down to watch.  One of two things will take place;  Either the TV will operate for HOURS flawlessly, or it'll sit there and freeze up every 30 seconds and make the damn thing impossible to watch.  Figured out after I got pissed at it one day that ripping the power cord out the rear and plug it back in, the damn thing will run 10 hours without a glitch!

What's the ongoing problem with it though?  It won't display an analog signal anymore.  Period.  Give it an HD digital signal and the picture is GREAT, supply it analog and you get a green checkerboard.  A PC input or input from the HDDVR looks fantastic, and I hate to get rid of the thing but its up for sale.  Would like to get a couple hundred for it, since they're selling for $500 in full working condition.  Honestly I'd keep the thing if I had a place to put it.

So anyway, I went to NFM last night interested in buying an LG Infinia 50PK750 Plasma which was on sale from $1299.99 to $969.99 with a $75.00 NFM Rewards card!  Once I got there and located the TV I was pissed, the thing was back up to full price!  I was just there on Saturday, nobody told me the sale ended dammit!  This young guy comes over and asks if we're doing okay and I was too mad to even speak so my cohort explained the situation.  After a few minutes on the phone I had a sales slip for $969.99 from him, then bought the 4 year warranty from him to boot.

At this point I haven't had much time to really check this thing out, but I did get it setup and the old tv removed from my home theater system. Picture looks VERYgood, even on the shittier channels.  We'll see how it goes.  :-D


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  3. NFM?? Where did you get it? Tell me. I work in electronic sales, and I just want to make sure you didn't get jipped.

    Sounds like a good deal. Plasmas are nice, and it's a good idea to have the warrenty to protect you from burn-ins and pixel damage.

    Do you have a blu ray player yet or was the TV only 720p? Judging from the price, I hope it's 1080p. Good.

    LG is a good brand, too.

    Following and supporting!

  4. NFM == Nebraska Furniture Mart and I defiantly got a good deal. Most of the places online are near the 1299 retail level on this specific model.

    Haven't had time to go shop for a bluray player yet, even though I really don't want to buy into that technology. Optical disks need to go away already, I don't see any need to keep them around any longer. The TV will display 1080p.

    Signed back up for netflix the other night and totally love streaming straight to my Television from the internet. Only complaint about netflix streaming is the audio quality. Picture on most things claims "HD" on the quality indicator and while the picture isn't too bad, the audio is basically just 2 channel. Would really rather it be AC3 multichannel..