Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I had an interview today at a well known Fortune 500 company to fill an internal helpdesk position.  Aside from a little trouble finding the location of their building (hidden behind a post office... damn you postal service!!!) I do feel the interview went very well.  Granted, it was completely different than any other interview to date, it left me feeling very strong about filling the position.

Completely unsure what to wear, found myself stuck between the French cut pinstripe Lauren or the English cut burgundy shirt.  After much debate the selection was made on the pinstripe which ended up being the right choice.  Showed up to meet Mr. Leea to find him wearing the exact same shirt I was debating my pinstripe against, which wouldn't have been good to wear..

He asks me a few questions about my previous experience, certifications, current positions, then comments on liking my one page resume.  The resume comment was a surprise... There are people out there with more than one page resumes??  Can totally understand why, its pretty damn hard to pack all the shit into one 8.5x11 page, but I managed to accomplish it.

Things went well and I think they're going to hire me, we'll just have to see.  Enough for now.


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